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One Simple Answer
to Achieving Your Nutrition & Fitness Goals

Cover Single Ave Maria Angelica Ganea


April 18, 2018
Angelica will share tips from her new book on how to eliminate unhealthy behaviours in order to achieve your goals. STAY TUNED FOR MORE GTA DATES. Click to read more...
April 12, 2018
On April 17th Angelica offers her signature vocals and appearance as a backdrop during LOCO ONE REVOLUTION Fashion Show. Click to read more...

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One Simple Answer
To Achieving Your Nutrition & Fitness Goals

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Cover Single Ave Maria Angelica Ganea


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HABITS RULE YOU: One Simple Answer to Achieving Your Nutrition & Fitness Goals
-Angelica shares her story

Toronto, January 17, 2018 -  She was a rising star in her native Romania, forced to give up her career after arriving in Canada.  In her new book, Habits Rule You: One Simple Answer to Achieving Your Nutrition & Fitness Goals, singer-songwriter Angelica Ganea takes the reader through her journey of re-discovering her passion for music as she struggled to overcome a sugar addiction, overeating, smoking, and anxiety, by kicking bad habits.

Her search for health and happiness reveals an ultimate truth:  that habits do indeed rule you. With humour and candor, Ganea explains how she "ate like a pig", after being exposed to the North American fast-food culture. Following years of research into neuro-science, fitness and nutrition, Ganea created a step-by-step primer on how to eliminate bad habits, in the way we shop, eat, exercise, and think, and replace them with good ones, with a focus on simplicity.

"Everything that we do, from how we eat and how we move, to how we talk, what we believe in, even the way we cross our arms, are the result of habits", says Ganea. "Although they are not easy to break, it is one hundred percent possible to eliminate any bad habit.  Whether we want it or not, whether we even accept it or not, habits do rule us. So we might as well consciously create life-promoting ones.”

Angelica Ganea is the recipient of the Award of Excellence from Canpak Chamber of Commerce  Canada. In 2011 Angelica wrote and produced her first original music CD Remember Who You Are,  accompanied by a short stories book titled The Story Behind the Song. In 2015 she released the  single Ave Maria, shortly followed by Sacred, a CD with classical favorites.

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Angelica Ganea to present her new book HABITS RULE YOU: One Simple Answer to Achieving Your Nutrition & Fitness Goals at BookExpo America, Javits Centre, New York, June 1 & 2, 2017. Come see her at Booth AM15.





“Angelica has an amazing voice and is up there with Lara Fabian and Celine Dion.” — Frank Peterson, Producer of Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman, The Gregorian Chant, founder of Enigma

“I was privileged to watch Angelica perform during the Toronto International Film Festival and she is a spectacular singer. I would be interested in collaborating with her in the near future for she is a very talented and inspiring artist.” — Richard Rionda Del Castro, CEO & Chairman of Hannibal Pictures

“I know when an artist exudes passion and determination; that is the passion behind the voice of Angelica. She is one of the most talented, professional, enthusiastic entertainers and vocalists in the Canadian music industry that I have ever had the pleasure of being introduced to. Her impeccable range, excellent tone & pitch impress me every single time. Angelica, I’m sure, will bring new and innovative contributions to the worldwide music scene.”     — Mark Berry, Chairman Attack Media Group, Canada, produced and worked with Duran Duran, David Bowie, Carly Simon, Kool &                              The Gang, Billy Idol

“Wow, what an incredible singer… I’m lucky I didn’t have to do my speech after her performance. She choked me up...”  — Jack Layton, Leader of NDP, Canada, 2010

“Angelica has a unique ability to express herself with her angelic voice that touches the listener’s heart. She is everyone’s dream. Read her book. Sit back and experience her singing. I’m sure she will be one of the greats of this decade. We are thrilled to have her as a regular guest as she makes the climb.” — Senator Holland Redfield, Host of Straight Talk with Redfield, WSTX, VI

“Angelica is a truly inspired individual who has broken cultural barriers through her singing. She has the qualities of a world-class singer. Her captivating voice, talent and sweet personality are key characteristics that distinguish her. We are honored to award Angelica with the 2010 Canpak Award of Excellence.”    — Dr. S. Hashmi, RPA, H.D., CEO Canpak Chamber of Commerce, Canada

“What in incredible singer and what an inspirational story... People from all over the world will hear of you and will be so inspired to take charge and make a positive change in their lives. I predict we will hear a lot more of you in the next year here in the United States.”  — Garry Sutton, Host of York’s Morning News Radio Show, WSBA910, PA

“Angelica, you continue to fascinate me with your voice, your interpretation and last but not least with your beauty. I am very proud of your accomplishments, especially of the release of your CD and Book Remember Who You Are - the Story Behind the Song. I wish you continued success; I’m looking forward to seeing you again sometime soon! Much love, Titus Munteanu.”  — Titus Munteanu, TV Producer, filmmaker and European television celebrity designer, (winner of the "Silver Rose" Award, Montreux, Switzerland), Bucharest, Romania

“The singer Angelica is irreplaceable for the project we are doing, “Anthem of Life”. She is one in a million and the answers to our prayers.” —Markus Rothkranz, Author of Heal Yourself 101, Heal Your Face, maker of documentary Free Food and Medicine

“It was a pleasure to have you perform and sign copies of your Book& CD Remember Who You Are in our store. Our customers enjoyed the music and we received complements for offering them such a musical delight. Your personality and level of professionalism made coordinating this event easy. I am certain that your musical abilities will be bringing joy to millions.” — Renee Carter, Manager Barnes & Noble Bookstore Marina Del Rey, L.A.

“Angelica what an unbelievable person and artist you are! Your music is incredibly beautiful to say the least; I almost have no words to describe it. And now during our interview we discovered you are so much more than this amazing singer/songwriter. You are such an inspired person…did you ever think of being a motivational speaker? We feel so blessed to have you on our show and are looking forward to having you on again.” — Dennis Kelly, co-Host of The Saturday Night Ride Radio Show, 89.5 FM

“Angelica, your CD and Book are incredible and beautiful. I've been listening to your CD for the past few days and I'm pretty sure I have each song memorized. Your voice is truly magnificent. I'm thrilled and even more excited to have you a guest on our show.” — Zita Ost, Producer, co-Host of The Buzz with Scotty and Zita, MN

“Your CD and Book are absolutely wonderful. What an incredible idea! Thank you for a wonderful interview.  We all agree, you sing like an Angel. I pray that God will continue to bless you and prosper you.  It has been our pleasure.” — Stephanie Miles, Producer Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness Radio Talk Show with.former Mayor Carl E. Officer, WQQX 1490 AM, U.S.A.

“Angelica it was a pleasure having you on the show.  It was a great success and people are writing me to ask how I heard of you.  They love your voice. You are a testament of strength, talent, beauty and hard work.” — Jacqueline Foreman, Host of Your Mental Health Radio Talk Show, NJ

“A triple threat.”  — Inside Halton Newspaper, Canada

“Let’s turn our attention to the rejoicing we need to be doing for all those bright spiritual lights among us who uplift, inspire, bring hope and beauty, and sing of a future worth living for. Canada, you are lucky to have her.” — C.K. Hunter, Alternative News Report, “Presenting Canadian vocalist Angelica”

“And then, all of a sudden, I stumbled upon a real gem: Angelica. She was singing live on a raised patio during the TIFF. All I could say was WOW! I was so stunned by her talent and poise. She is a pop and classical singer and she sings opera like very few people in the world. She could go on the same stage with Andrea Bocelli today and I’m sure she wouldn’t feel out of place at all. She is amazing.”  — David Farrell, FYI Music News Editor, “Morning coffee with David Farrell”

“My wife and I really enjoyed Angelica’s performance and we are looking forward to listening to her CD.”  — Armand P. La Barge, O.O.M. Chief of Police, York Regional Police

“On behalf of the Nobleton Lions Club, we would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful evening of song and music. Our guests commented on Angelica's beautiful voice and how great of an entertainer she was. Thanks again for your kindness”.  — Lion Michael Gray-Wheeler on behalf of The Gala Committee Gala Chair, 1st Vice President Nobleton Lions Club

“Thank you for sharing God's gift of Angelica's voice with us. She has truly been blessed with an amazing ability to not only entertain as a performer but to soothe one’s soul with the magical quality of her voice.”  — T. Tino, St. Padre Pio Church

“On behalf of the Sculptors Society of Canada I want to thank you ever so much for your gracious performance at Festive Spirits. You helped to set the ambiance for the evening! It was a pleasure to meet yo – especially for our members and guests!!! Your voice is such a gift!!”  — Judy D., Sculptors Society of Canada

“I was blessed to be able to attend last night’s concert. It was a beautiful evening. Voice of an Angel! What a Blessing. Thank you.”  — M. Vierira on Angelica’s Concert, St. Michael’s Cathedral, Toronto

“Well, totally angelic and stunning, her powerful voice, her smile, her personality. Her voice is special, magnetic, and so very passionate. The most thunderous and vibrating performance.  My goodness, it was amazing!”  — M. Zanella on Angelica’s Concert, St. Michael’s Cathedral, Toronto

“CONGRATULATIONS, Congratulations, Congratulations!!! The concert was a great success! Angelica was absolutely IMPRESSIVE.  What a Powerful, Beautiful, Inspiring, Divine music!! One friend said the concert was a wonderful gift. We felt so inspired.”  — M. Sivilla (Oakville) on Angelica’s Concert at St.  Michael’s Cathedral, Toronto